Avoiding Debt

Consumers spend over 3 hours per day worrying about their debt. Know the difference between your “wants” and your “needs,”


  1. Prepare a list of all your Credit Cards and the interest rate of each.
  2. Add the finance charges to the minimum do and pay that amount.
  3. Always make the payment before the recommended due date.
  4. Always pay more on your highest interest rate accounts first.
  5. Use the lowest interest-rate cards you have for the purchases you “need.”
  6. When you feel your debt is becoming out of control, do not wait to consult with a credit expert. You should have this consultation as soon as you can.


  1. Use Credit as income.
  2. Never exceed your assigned credit line.
  3. Don’t pay what their minimum payment is.
  4. Don’t pay on their due date
  5. Never make your payment on their due date pay it early avoiding the risk of a late payment fee.

KCCC has professional credit consultants on staff with additional tips and advice for improving your Debt Management skills.

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