Business Credit

“Achieving it and why?”

The mistake most business owners make is using their personal credit to fund their business, or drain their personal savings and/or borrow money from family and friends.  However, your business has the ability to establish its own credit file. 

We can help you accomplish this goal, so you can start using your EIN and not your personal SSN and become more lendable to gain the capital you may need in the future.    


“What is a Paydex score?”

Fico scores are consumer credit scores that can range from 500-800. A paydex score is a credit score used for a business and can range from 1-100.

It is used much like an individual’s FICO score helping lenders, vendors and suppliers to determine the approval for credit lines and loans. 

The credit bureau that files, maintains, and sells this score is called Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) and are the most used business credit reporting agency on earth.


A choice to make when starting a business and the most important is the type of legal structure or business entity you select. Not only will this decision have an impact on how much you will pay in taxes, the amount of paperwork your business is required to do, and the liability you can face as well as your ability to raise capital in the future.


Unlimited life. Unlike proprietorships and partnerships, the life of the corporation is not dependent on the life of a particular individual or individuals. It can continue indefinitely until it accomplishes its objective, merges with another business, or goes bankrupt. Unless stated otherwise, it could go on indefinitely.

Transferability of shares. It is always nice to know that the ownership interest you have in a business can be readily sold, transferred, or given away to another family member.  

Ability to raise investment capital. It is usually much easier to attract new investors into a corporate entity because of limited liability and the easy transferability of shares. Shares of stock can be transferred directly to new investors, or when larger offerings to the public are involved, the services of brokerage firms and stock exchanges are called upon.

If you need assistance or help KCCC has professional credit consultants on staff specializing in Business Credit development to answer any questions you may have about established business credit.  

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