Credit Scores?

The Credit Bureau “Secret Weapon”

Before applying for any major purchase. It is essential you know what your current Fico Credit Scores are. It’s very frustrating to discover the score you believe you have is not the score being used.

There are 5 used “common” identifiers calculating a generic score; however, “fico” scores are more complex, measuring all risk factors on your overall credit experience. The Fair Issac and Company, located in San Jose, California, were requested to develop different Credit Scoring models for Dealerships, Banks, Home Lenders, and Credit Card Companies, referred to as a “fico.” It provides Dealerships, Banks, Home Lenders, and Credit Card Companies a score that determines your approval, interest rate, and the terms and conditions of your financing. We recommend visiting www. my fico to obtain your actual fico scores. Select the product you intend to apply for (i.e., vehicle, house, credit card); doing this, you will view a more accurate score.

KCCC has professional Credit Consultants on staff to answer any questions you have about credit scores and educate you on how to increase and maintain them.

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