Debt Consolidation

Many consumers are under the impression a debt consolidation service means the company loans them the money needed to pay off all their unsecured debt. Then having the ability of making only one payment per month at a lower interest rate.

Unaware they must qualify for this type of product. The loan amount needed requires to be collateralized. As well as having a good credit score.

If the accounts have already been reported delinquent onto your credit file this means your credit report and score have already been damaged and your chances of qualifying will be slim to none. 

Other options advertised are the National Debt Relieve or Debt Freedom companies stating they will help you become debt free in less time. This means they renegotiate your terms with each creditor to successfully lowering either your interest rate or the total amount of debt owed.   

KCCC has professional debt negotiators on staff that can properly handle your file exhibiting the hardship you’re experiencing to ensure you qualify for the lowest payment possible as well as the time it takes to become debt-free.  

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