Hiring a Credit Repair Company

Many consumers don’t have the time or patience to accomplish the credit process themselves and consider hiring a credit repair company. Does the company you contact have the experience necessary? 

Is the Company Reputable?

  1. Verify any testimonials.
  2. Ask to speak with the individual that will be handling your file.
  3. Be specific about your issues.
  4. Be aware of the state they operate.
  5. Be aware of a credit repair company explaining a guarantee they will remove all derogatory information from your credit.
  6. Don’t meet a credit repair individual at Denny’s or Starbucks.

Professional companies will consult you first and not just quote an enrollment fee.

  1. They will show you how to read each of your credit files.
  2. They take time to inform you of the requirements and procedures necessary to accomplish your goals.
  3. They explain and prioritize the best course of action to reach your goal.
  4. They educate you with your Credit and Debit Management issues preventing problems in the future from occurring again.

KCCC has professional Credit Repair Consultants on staff to answer any questions you have regarding Credit Repair and educate you with the skills necessary for your Credit Repair needs.

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