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Rick Swartz, senior credit analyst and CEO of Kern County Credit Consultants, agrees. Swartz said it isn’t hard to improve your FICO score, but it takes time.”If it took you two years to destroy (your credit), it’s going to take two years to rebuild it.” Bakersfield Californian

Now you have to Pay for it

Rick Swartz, senior credit analyst and CEO of Kern Valley Financial Services in Bakersfield, has seen a slight surge in clients interested in resolving credit card debt. “It’s lack of income,” he said. “People are out of work. “But many consumers are still running up their credit, he said. Swartz said stores and credit card …

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Credit Cards Rate Averages and Basics-Credit

…”Swartz explains that under the law you are responsible for charges up to $50 after you have told them it is lost or stolen, or disputed the charge.” Rick Swartz, a credit advisor with Kern County Credit Consultants in Bakersfield, CA, explains that as far as the health and job loss insurance goes, it’s an …

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Rick Swartz, a counselor with Kern County Credit Consultants, in Bakersfield, CA, says Your APR is the interest rate on the loan. this is why it is also called a revolving line of credit. What makes credit card APRs different is the fact that it is always being applied to a different number, If you … Read More »

The Herald-Times Indiana Mortgage Center

“I have never seen a credit report that was 100 percent accurate,” says Rick Swartz, of Kern County Credit Consultants, in Bakersfield, California .Some are minor mistakes, while others are major ones. They can range from inconsequential errors, such as the wrong spelling of your name, to serious ones such as listings for credit cards that you …

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Business Credit

“Achieving it and why?” The mistake most business owners make is using their personal credit to fund their business, or drain their personal savings and/or borrow money from family and friends.  However, your business has the ability to establish its own credit file.  We can help you accomplish this goal, so you can start using …

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Identity Theft

Do’s and Don’ts Don’t carry your social security card with you. Carry the credit card or debit card you intend to use.  Always sign the signature box on the back of your credit card.  CREATE A CHECKLIST Create a document listing all your creditors, your whole account number, and their phone numbers; it will save …

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Debt Consolidation

Many consumers are under the impression a debt consolidation service means the company loans them the money needed to pay off all their unsecured debt. Then having the ability of making only one payment per month at a lower interest rate. Unaware they must qualify for this type of product. The loan amount needed requires …

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Avoiding Debt

Consumers spend over 3 hours per day worrying about their debt. Know the difference between your “wants” and your “needs,” Do: Prepare a list of all your Credit Cards and the interest rate of each. Add the finance charges to the minimum do and pay that amount. Always make the payment before the recommended due …

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