Q & A’s about Credit Repair?  

Do I have rights repairing my credit? Yes, there are four (4) Federal Credit Reporting Statutes with provisions under each that could expedite your Credit Repair Process (1)

What are my rights with Credit Repair? 

Yes, four (4) Federal Statutes with provisions under each can expedite the Credit Repair process.      

1. Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. 

2. Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. 

3. Fair Debt Billing Act.

4. California Reporting Agency Act

The government has enacted these laws for protecting Consumers against the intrusions of Creditors, Credit Bureaus, and Debt Collection Companies.  

Isn’t a paid negative better than an unpaid negative?

No, there are only two ratings that exist on a credit report Negative and Positive. A paid negative is a negative regardless. All other ratings on your account will fall under these two headings. Any attempt to make you believe otherwise is a lie; any rating, even if it appears positive, even one negative notation is posted to that item; it is considered entirely harmful.  

I hear so much saying that no one can help you with your credit problems.

FACT…Creditors and Credit Bureaus spend vast amounts of money to get this idea across to the public. They realize this is the only way to keep control. If you notice, creditors and credit bureaus are the ones usually making these statements. If the process does not work, why do they spend so much time and money trying to deter you from this effort?

Do I need to hire professionals to do it?  

Before you begin your trek, it would be wise to consult with a credit expert for advice, guidance, and the direction needed to obtain your goal.   

KCCC has professional Credit Repair Consultants on staff to further assist you with any additional questions or services you may need. 

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