Repairing your Credit

The Federal Credit Reporting Law state consumers are responsible for two things when it comes to their Credit Files.  The Privacy and the Accuracy. How to begin the CDV process (consumer dispute verification) Your personal credit information is maintained,  filed, and sold by the National Reporting Agency (Experian TransUnion and Equifax). Obtain and scrutinize these files for any unwarranted, incorrect, or inaccurate information listed.

Prepare all correspondences (in writing) to a Credit Reporting Agencies, Creditor, or Collection Company include your personal information full name, date of birth, social security number, and current address.

List the account number and the currently reported status. Explain the error and the reason why. Preferably certify mail each correspondence then time stamp the acceptance date.

According to the FCRA Title 15 USC 1681(i) §611(a)(1), a credit bureau is permitted 30 days to begin and conclude their investigation then furnish your revised report. Please familiarize yourself with your consumer rights, or it can become an uphill battle.


  1. Submit any requests in writing, not online.

Attach copies of your Driver’s License and SSN card to your first letter (for the record). Be respectful but know these credit bureaus don’t get paid to help you. Stay aggressive. Provide copies of any documents that support your argument.

KCCC has professional Credit Repair Consultants on staff to help with any questions or additional help you require.

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